Plantation Inspired

Kahauiki Village is a plantation-inspired community where cultural diversity and personal pride foster strong neighborhood ties.


Designated areas for vegetable gardens, fruit trees and fish farms will not only offer economic relief for resident families, but encourage food sustainability. Common areas for social service programs and recreational activities will be available to provide on-site treatment while encouraging fellowship and shared experiences. An on-site manager will be responsible for facility maintenance and arbitration between neighbors if required.

The core of each residence is remodeled from the emergency homes built for the Tohoku, Japan tsunami victims by System House, formerly known as Komatsu. Local architect, Lloyd Sueda has designed exterior embellishments such as wood sidings and corrugated roofs to give the modular units an exterior reminiscent of historic plantation homes.

Kahauiki Village is modeled after the plantation community culture that has shaped much of modern Hawaii today. By developing a true community rather than just a series of homes, Kahauiki Village offers Hawaii’s homeless families much needed stability, shared resources and a strong network of neighborhood support.